Tame the media beast and make it your friend

Tame the Media Beast and Make it your Friend

This week I had the privilege of media training a group of women in Canberra ...
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Asking the Write questions

Are You Asking The ‘Write’ Questions?

My nine-year-old daughter asked me a grammar question the other day that stopped me in ...
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LIndt siege floral tributes

Tribute to the lost shows Australia’s true colours

In the streets and churches, Sydneysiders are united in preserving their peaceful way of life ...
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Jessica Panegyres media training for The Panel

Have koalas died for your steak or burger?

Case study: Jessica Pangyres, The Wilderness Society: preparation for 10's The Project   Jessica Pangyres was ...
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Spectators make jokes, take selfies at siege site

In the late afternoon sunshine, a crowd of about 400 people gathered near the cordoned-off ...
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