Suffering from zoom fatigue?

Today most meetings, interviews, industry forums and seminars are online.
But the presenting is not always professional. We've seen up people's noses, the sides of their faces, the tops of their heads, and their faces in silhouette. And don't get me started on the distracting backgrounds!

Is it any wonder then your audiences are turning off their cameras to check their social media, send an email, have a snack or fall asleep?

With this new medium comes a different set of challenges compared to face-to-face presenting.

As a former on-camera TV journalist, I can let you in on the tools and tricks to present professionally. I’ll show you how to set up your lighting, where to look, as well as how to structure a presentation that holds your audience's attention and compels them to take action.

Today, all professionals need to master the art of presenting online.

All workshops are tailored to your needs. After the training we send you the video presentations on a password protected vimeo link, as well as the feedback report.

MillerInk Media presentation skills training

Training packages

Zoom Zoom

This is the most convenient and cost-effective option. We meet on zoom, and I'll take you through the tools and tips of presenting with impact. We'll analyse video examples of presentations that work and those that don't. Then it's your turn to present. I record your presentation, play it back and give you feedback and suggestions. We continue to improve your script and delivery style, and rehearse your presentation until you're happy and confident with the result.

3 hours

In The Boardroom

We come to you. I bring a professional camera and audio operator to your office. We present the same tools, tricks and video examples as the online version, with added face-to-face exercises. We record your presentation and play it back and then work on restructuring your script and improving your eye contact, facial expressions, voice, tone, emphasis and stance.

3.5 hours

The Professional

We bring out the big guns. Partnering with Damn Good Productions in Sydney's inner west, you'll rehearse your presentation in a high-tech TV broadcast studio with a green screen, cameras, lights and an autocue for your script. We'll live-stream the presentation into the boardroom for you to review. This will prepare you for professional online presentations and TV interviews. You'll present like a pro and impress your audience.

3.5 hours

“You made everyone feel comfortable and more confident."

Kirsty Brown,
Marketing Director, Vida Glow

Kirsty Brown, Marketing Director, Vida Glow

“Your method pushed me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to approach presentations from different angles."
Team member,
Vida Glow

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Want to nail your next online presentation and speak clearly, confidently and credibly?

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