I’ve got your back, sister

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I’ve got your back, sister

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One of the more unusual gigs I’ve had of late, was yesterday when I was asked to interview people in a pop-up pool full of plastic balls in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Among the people I talked to were some awesome women from various businesses as well as players from the AFLW’s Western Bulldogs.

We talked about how to fast-track women into leadership positions.

The western bulldogs Bonnie Toogood summed it up: “On the field you have to have each other’s backs”.

In footy as in life – we need to back our sisters and promote their great ideas publicly.

Next time you are in a meeting and a woman’s idea is ignored or she’s talked over by a male colleague, stand up and say: “I really liked Jane’s idea! Let’s give that a go!”

Thanks to C2Melbourne for the opportunity – C2 is a business conference event imported from Montreal and the brain child of Cirque du Soleil. It seeks to combine creativity with commerce.