Joan Didion

Are We Getting Dumber as the Bots Get Smarter?

Use it or Lose it - to AI If we outsource our writing to ChatGPT, we risk weakening our ability to think deeply on a topic and develop a cohesive, logical train of thought. Author and media trainer, Theresa Miller explores the potential cost of losing...

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Explain what you do for work this Christmas lunch

“What is it exactly that you do?” Do you dread this question at family gatherings? Personally, I would love it if someone in my extended family asked me. But they hardly ever do. Why not? Maybe, they don’t understand what a media trainer does. Maybe, they’re embarrassed to ask what...

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How to communicate during a crisis

Are you prepared for a media crisis? Media Skills Trainer Theresa Miller gives her top tips and a proven strategy for when disaster strikes, and journalists come knocking. It’s always a pleasure to tell a good news story to your residents and stakeholders either via a...

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HSC students to learn grammar rules


I applaud the new HSC changes which will teach grammar and improve students' writing skills. Some of my journalism students yearn to write stories, yet can't construct proper sentences. Their written communication skills have been gagged through a lack of education. Consequently, I'm often engaged to run...

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Medical ethics and minors rights

Minors’ rights: a question of competence

In 2013, a 17-year-old Jehovah's Witness boy from New South Wales made headlines when he lost his court appeal to refuse a life-saving blood transfusion. The religious teenager, who was being treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma at Sydney Children's Hospital, threatened to rip the IV needle from...

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Tara Hunt

See your friends before it’s too late

The sudden death of a close friend has blind-sighted my family and me. Tara Hunt was a strong and inspirational woman. She was only 54 and leaves behind a husband, three children and a gaping hole in the lives of many of her friends. The more than...

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Holistic Beauty Treatments

Road Test – Holistic Beauty

Call me vain, but I challenge any woman over a certain age to say she hasn't looked in the mirror at least once and considered a little nip and tuck. Going under the surgeon's knife or injecting a paralysing virus like Botox is not what...

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Social Media troll

Outwit the Social Media Trolls

Do you remember the fable about the Three Billy Goats Gruff? They try to cross a bridge to a grassy meadow on the other side and are intercepted by a cranky troll who lives in the river. Well, thanks to technology, the trolls have crept out of...

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