Happiness in the workplace

For a happy workplace – invest in learning and development, not gimmicks

When there's an economic downturn which expenses do companies usually cut first? After entertainment and ...
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Debunking the myth between HRT and cancer

Debunking links between menopausal hormone therapy and cancer

Women are enduring the crippling effects of menopause unnecessarily because of fear and ignorance of ...
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Celebrate Diversity

Diversity Drives Dynamism

Diversity and inclusion in the work place are proven catalysts for boosting profits and productivity. ...
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Illiteracy in children

Illiteracy in Kids

Reading and writing are the basic skills children learn from their first day at school. ...
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Enjoy christmas without your devices

Christmas – time to unplug and re-connect

The Managing Director of Google Australia, Jason Pellegrino is recommending his staff disconnect from their ...
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Work and play at work

Why we should all be playing at work

WE'RE thinking about work all wrong, it seems. In order to get more done we ...
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Powerpoint presentation skills

Avoiding Death By Power Point

Who has ever had a near-death-by-powerpoint experience? It's after lunch or dinner and the presenter ...
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C2 event melbourne

I’ve got your back, sister

One of the more unusual gigs I've had of late, was yesterday when I was ...
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Tinder for networking and thinking

Tinder for Thinkers

Meeting like-minded people to discuss business ideas or shared interests is made easier through a ...
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