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Media skills are your organisation’s insurance policy. Without them you run the risk of the media damaging your reputation. Whether you’re proactively pitching a good news story or managing a PR crisis, you need a strategy. Take charge of an interview and stay in the driver’s seat rather than being derailed by a journalist with an agenda. 

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Writing and Pitching Media Releases


Did you know journalists will delete 80 per cent of media releases after reading just the headline and first paragraph?

Learn to write attention-grabbing, newsworthy, releases to attract the media attention you want. Discover what makes a stand-out media release and practice writing and pitching your story. Come up with a media strategy and target relevant journalists and producers. Whether you're pro-actively pitching a good news story or managing a crisis - a professional media release is essential in your communications tool kit.



Everyone can write, right?


Unfortunately, written communication is often overlooked as a necessary business skill.

Consequently, many websites, LinkedIn posts, proposals, emails and newsletters are littered with typos and grammatical boo-boos. What's more, many writers don't follow a clear, logical structure. As a result, their readers are left confused and unimpressed.

So, if you want to get cut-through, learn to write clearly, correctly and concisely.

When you master the tools of writing persuasively and with impact you'll hold the keys to boost your brand's credibility, attract more clients and customers and inspire people to join your cause. 

Millerink media's bespoke writing workshops make good business sense. 


Media training business writing Sydney

Write clearly, correctly and concisely - cut through to your clients, customers and staff. 



Don’t get caught like a deer in the headlights. Learn to present professionally online and face-to-face.



Looking unprofessional in a presentation, interview or webinar can reflect badly on your organisation.

The good news is that millerink media workshops give you the tools to present and engage confidently and competently online or face-to-face.

However, the only way to truly learn a skill is by  practicing. Most people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Fortunately, that number rises to as much as 90% when you put theory into practice.

So, in every millerink workshop you always have time to practice mastering your new skill and receiving specific and generous feedback from your peers and trainer.

Moreover, it's a fun and effective way to learn. And you'll see the results immediately. 


Sydney media training group workshops

Our workshops are tailored specifically to your needs and delivered over a half-day, full-day,
for a small group or one-on-one, face-to-face or online.

We’ll come to your boardroom or organise a venue anywhere in Australia.



Are you the media spokesperson for your organisation but not comfortable in an interview? Do you need a stronger, calmer, more focussed presence in Zoom meetings but don’t know how to up-skill?

Millerink Media workshops and coaching will equip you to communicate with impact, whether you're speaking to a journalist,  presenting to stakeholders or writing to  customers and staff. As a result, you'll increase your visibility in your field and become more persuasive and influential.

Perhaps even sexier, smarter and slimmer.

(Okay, we can't promise that.)


For almost 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people across all industries handle media interviews like pros. As confidentiality is core to what I do, I can’t name all of millerink’s high profile clients, but I can tell you my associates and I have trained people in finance, government, the arts, science and not-for-profit organisations, communicate their message clearly, concisely and confidently. From CEOs to NGOs, from athletes to environmental campaigners, every media spokesperson needs to understand the mindset of a journalist, plan their objectives and rehearse their key messages before agreeing to an interview. Failing to plan is planning to fail! 

As a former journalist for CNN, Sky News UK, ABC-TV and Channels Seven and Nine, I how to ask tough questions - and as a trainer - I know how to help you answer them. 

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The Wilderness Society


Jessica Panegyres The Wilderness Society

"The media training was excellent.

I finished it with a much clearer sense of how to approach media interviews.

Theresa brings a huge amount of experience and intelligence to the training.

Thank you!"

Jessica Panegyres
The Wilderness Society

Karen Eck

"I have worked with Theresa for more than 20 years. She is an outstanding presenter, trainer and writer with a strong background in broadcast and print journalism. I have hired her on many occasions to facilitate media training for high profile clients including executives and celebrity talent. The feedback confirms that her workshops are always engaging, informative and tailored to exactly what the client wants and needs. Theresa is highly intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humour. If you're thinking about media training, business writing  and communication skills, Theresa Miller should be your first choice. "

Karen Eck
The Eck Factor

David Hall cofounder, Tapaas

"Thank-you Theresa, Woo hoo!  I absolutely LOVE loved the writing workshop.

You present so well. The topics were concise and to the point and well suited to our goals and current situation.  You engaged the class; made them feel comfortable speaking out; and got them excited about writing."

David Hall
co-founder, Tapaas Data Analytics

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Don't get caught in a media storm without a back up plan. Millerink crisis media training is your life buoy for survival.

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